miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009


Esta es una recomendacion a una de las actividades culturales que tendrá lugar durante el festival Cervantino. John Percy, un astronomo canadiense la recomienda... Yo les paso al costo la informacion.


Silvia Torres

Dear Silvia, Manuel, and Omar,

This message is to tell you about a wonderful astro-musical program which is coming to your Temple de la Cervantino Festival on Oct. 21-22.

It is the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra's "The Galileo Project", and it was developed as an International Year of Astronomy project, at my urging. You can read a review, that says that it is "Out of this World", at:


and you can find out more about the program at:


If you click on some of the links, you will find out how I was involved, and my picture is in there, somewhere!

Tafelmusik is one of the world's finest baroque orchestras. My wife and I have known them for 30 years. Their Galileo Project is a wonderful, interdisciplinary multimedia program, with music, theatre, and some of the best astronomical images that exist. The theme of your Festival is "Galileo", so their program fits perfectly. [They have also developed a version of the program for schoolchildren, and it is one of the best educational programs that I have ever seen.]

I hope you and your colleagues have an opportunity to attend one of these concerts.

With best wishes,

martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009

Curso de Constelaciones

La Sociedad Astronómica de México

te invita al curso de


que se llevará a cabo los días jueves
en el planetario Joaquín Gallo

inicia: 8 de octubre

div. del Norete y Miguel Laurent
(Parque de los venados)

coperación: $350.00
cupo limitado

inf. sociedadastronomica@gmail.com
04455 23805072
04455 54564592


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